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Installation and management. Download exe, Download zip, 2. Download exe, 23 MB. Download exe, 24 MB. Download exe, 22 MB. Download exe, 20 Mb.

Download exe, 9 Mb. Download exe, 3. Download exe, 7. Latest version: 3. Download exe, 2 MB. Download exe, 2. PTC Creo Plugin. Download exe, 9. Download exe, 8. Download exe, 17 MB. AutoDesk Inventor Plugin. Download exe, 4. Autodesk Fusion Plugin. Siemens NX Plugin. View, print, and cross-probe single documents or entire projects in one comprehensive interface. Download Viewer.

Latest version: 1. Download exe, MB. New users Join AltiumLive to explore more of the Altium community and interact with like-minded design engineers. Forgot password? Sign In. Email Please enter a valid email address. Fixed bug that caused an access violation in module ‘AdvSch. Fixed a bug where a Supplier search in AD Fixed a bug where Embedded SVG of components are moving during navigation and have low-resolution graphics in outputs BC Improved Cross select mode with new preferences to control which object types are included in cross selections.

Fixed an issue with the cross probe tool, cross-select mode no longer interferes with selections made. Fixed a bug where hatched Polygon Pour with surrounding pads with arcs are approximated with tracks BC Fixed a bug where a decimal Watts value couldn’t be filled in CMPLib if a “comma” was selected as the default decimal indicator.

Fixed a regression bug that didn’t allow a network path to be used as a project folder location. Fixed a bug where the. Fixed a bug that changed the name of the configuration. If a backslash was used in the configuration name it was changed to an underscore.

This name change then makes the configuration backward incompatible with previous versions Fixed a bug where defining coordinates for String via the PCB Inspector always moves String using the absolute origin.

Fixed a bug where a locked icon is still visible after being locked. Fixed a bug where differential pair net labels are case sensitive and this causes DRC errors when the project is compiled.

Fixed a bug where ‘. Fixed a bug that caused errors while updating a PCB from a schematic. Fixed a bug where some symbols have no information when opened in Vault. Fixed a bug causing 3D holes to appear in the board with zero edge thickness BC Fixed a bug that would not allow a STEP file to be exported to a folder whose name path includes Cyrillic symbols or an umlaut.

Improved mixed simulation with the addition of a Simulation Probe Manager to optimize the functionality and flexibility of simulation probes. Fixed a bug causing redundant hollows in the core to be displayed around through-holes on the bottom side of the board. Added support for simulation profiles to improve the functionality and flexibility of simulation runs.

Back drilling information is also available for display in the Drill Table. Fixed a bug causing zoom and scroll commands to behave incorrectly in a CAM document after importing Gerber files. Fixed a bug causing Altium Designer to crash on startup when username contains Korean characters. Fixed a bug causing DIP.

Improved Polygon cutouts so they now produce corner-rounds for rectangular Pad objects and Internal Plane cutouts produce corner-rounds for rectangular Pad holes BC Improved Un-routed net rule with new option to ‘Check for incomplete connections’ BC Improved Interactive routing to include the display of Net Class info in the Head’s Up Display and the ability to swap to opposite route point while multi-routing and diff pair routing.

Fixed a bug causing “Abstract Error” when searching for and removing an extension in the “Installed” section. Improved ECO performance by optimizing the speed of Import Changes during the initial import on large designs. Fixed a bug causing Room Width Rule to work incorrectly during interactive routing when the Board Outline clearance rule is also active. Fixed a bug, which caused analyzation to take a long time if the design includes From-to and accordion objects.

Fixed a bug causing Electrical Clearnance Rule to not check clearances between split planes as well as between cooper polygons on signal layers BC Improved Smart copper editing to include options for merging and subtracting polygons, as well as the addition of improved editing BC Fixed a bug causing Flip component command to not work correctly for test point properties BC Improved Cross Select Mode now allows selection of various types of object and can be configured through the Preferences dialog.

Fixed a bug causing Access Violations after deleting a variant with alternate parts created in a batch. Fixed a bug where probing waveforms during a transient simulation only displayed the Magnitude rather than Real value.

Improved Allegro footprints import so that ComponentClearance constraint works properly by building artificial 3D bodies for certain components. Fixed a bug that caused the “Arrange Rooms” action to stop working BC Fixed a bug causing a constant error for Z-axis distance measurement between the board and 3D body face. Improved query language with new function which allows for the conversion of engineering notation from string to number.

Fixed a bug preventing Designator autoposition from updating after moving a selection BC Improved confirmation dialog when deleting mixed group of vias and traces with option to Ignore Locked Primitives. Fixed a problem in the Signal Integrity tool causing false loops to be detected when arcs were present in the PCB routing.


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Build : Date : 16 November If would like to speak with a representative, please contact your local Altium office. Download Altium Designer Installer. You may receive communications from Altium and can change your notification preferences at any time.

If you are not an active Altium Subscription member, please fill out the form below to get your free trial. Just fill out the form below to request your Student License today. Upverter is a free community-driven platform designed specifically to meet the needs of makers like you. Click here to give it a try! Using Altium Documentation. Printer-friendly version. Found an issue with this document?

Contact Us Contact our corporate or local offices directly. We’re sorry to hear the article wasn’t helpful to you. Could you take a moment to tell us why? Connect to Support Center for product questions. I do not want to leave feedback. Created using Figma. First off, are you or your organization already using Altium Designer? In that case, why do you need an evaluation license? I need the latest Altium Designer installer.

I want to evaluate the latest features. I want to view a design file. Got it. Click the button below to download the latest Altium Designer installer. Please fill out the form below to get a quote for a new seat of Altium Designer. Why are you looking to evaluate Altium Designer? I like to design PCBs as a hobby. You came to the right place! Please fill out the form below to get your free trial started.

Great News! You can download a free Altium Designer Viewer license which is valid for a 6 months. Please fill out the form below to request one. Making things is awesome. We have the perfect program for you. Updated Release Manager, so in Folder mode, the user has the choice to release to a file or a folder. Inherit the target folder name from the recognized Configuration name. Allow renaming custom section names better restructure data using custom release structure.

Relieved restriction on the custom section target items in Release Manager, so they can point to other types except the binary files. Fixed import preferences dialog so it no longer shows an incorrect icon in the import settings dialog.

Fixed regression bug that caused AD to crash when navigating to an item in Vault Explorer that was released with a custom lifecycle.

Fixed regression bug in Vault Explorer where random footprint preview shown for different parts when a component has a simulation model. Fixed bug that caused the Release to Vault hotkey to not work BC Fixed bug that caused incorrect designators to be assigned to “not fitted” components BC Fixed bug that caused an access violation in module ‘WorkspaceManager.

Fixed bug where TC2 mode does not work when a user logged into Vault as an administrator while ignoring TC2 configuration. Fixed issue with DecimalSeparator being absent in scripting system due to an update in an underlying runtime library BC Fixed bug that prevented generating BOMs from old designs created with templates in the project with relative paths.

Fixed bug where “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error message appears when creating a managed project. Fixed regression bug where access violation appears after performing left-to-right selection during the holding keyboard button. Footprint Parameters – Fixed a bug where parameters are not transferred to a PCB in the case where you use an alternate part with the same footprint. Fixed a bug that prevented autosave from saving a backup file BC Fixed a regression bug that occurred when an ECO was generated.

Alternate parts with different footprints were deleted from all channels except the first channel. Draftsman – Fixed a bug that caused an access violation when printing a document with a custom table, through OutJob.

Fixed a bug that caused an access violation to occur during Layer stack table move or change Draw Board Map option. Fixed bug that caused an access violation in module ‘AdvSch.

Fixed a bug where a Supplier search in AD Fixed a bug where Embedded SVG of components are moving during navigation and have low-resolution graphics in outputs BC Fixed regression bug where was not possible to open Supplier Links dialog if Future Electronics supplier is installed. Draftsman – Fixed regression bug where in Library Panel – Fixed bug where Component Type attribute was not available for the Vault-based libraries. Added ability to define a position of the visible parameters of the Vault components, by preserving position data from the symbol.

Data Management – Added suggest to update related components after component template modification. Fixed bug where update related items feature allows to open component with different templates in one batch editor. Draftsman – Fixed regression bug where data is not loaded if components with variants have multiple incorrect Unique IDs BC Draftsman – Fixed regression bug where 3D bodies are not displayed on Assembly Views on not-English Windows with non-English project path.

Fixed regression bug where supply chain info shows up in the left top corner of the screen when navigating through components in Vault Explorer with opened Supply chain aspect. Draftsman – Fixed regression bug where some of the not fitted Hatching Pattern settings are not working.

Improved open BOM document performance to use price data cache instead of additional requests to the server. Draftsman – Added ability to display and configure footprint parameters in assembly view analogous with existing Designator automatic positioning.

Draftsman – Added ability to enable fill, change fill color and set transparent for circular and rectangular shapes BC Draftsman – Added Component Parameters as a source for callout.

When selected an additional drop down with a list of parameters same as BOM config is displayed. Fixed bug that caused tenting on thermal vias to stay on the original side, rather than following the component which was moved to the bottom side BC OutJob file are ignored BC An issue with use of the PSpice switch model giving incorrect results in AC analyses has been fixed.

Structure Class got changed to Code Memory. Fixed bug that caused signal integrity to crash when a component designator was double-clicked BC Fixed a bug that caused Drill Drawing symbols for embedded panels to include all pairs, not just a specific pair. Fixed a bug that caused strange layer names behavior when names were changed in the Layer Stack Manager. Fixed bug that caused violations to occur after glossing tracks near Pads with slot and rectangular holes with offsets.

Draftsman – Added support for variant selection of a Draftsman document in an OutJob BC , and support for variant-based objects, such as special strings BC Added functionality in the Simulation Profile Manager to export to or import from OutJob files to allow copying of Profile settings to and from OutJobs.

Fixed regression error that caused DXP. BomDoc if Digi-Key supplier was enabled. Fixed a bug that corrupted the model list in SCH component if identically named footprints were released to a vault. Added support to allow users to waive selected violations after DRC and to document the waived violations BC Draftsman – Implemented another designator location option, ‘Silkscreen’, which uses Overlay layers for the source of the designator location BC No pushing of nearby objects occurs, so if an increase is requested it only succeeds where room is available.

All the components were placed on the same side of the board BC Fixed bug where minimum Solder Mask Sliver violations are not produced for masks defined from primitives on Top and Bottom layers. Fixed bug, so when convergence errors occur during simulation runs, the plot setup is no longer lost. Fixed bug that caused pads not to be selected using right-to-left selection if they are placed on non-signal layers.

Fixed bug that caused the Clearance measurement path representation to be incorrect for a board cutout. Fixed bug that caused DXP. Fixed regression bug that prevented reusing a via stitching union name on another union even though the name was no longer being used. Fixed bug that caused Altium Designer to crash when a Project File was saved after an alternate part, consisting of Supplier Parameters with Special Characters, was defined.

Fixed bug in Variants where Not Fitted Markers are not shown in the assembly drawing for components with the same coordinates on the opposite layer.

Rounded the solder mask expansion for rectangular pads, so they match polygon pour rounded shapes in order to avoid exposing copper in the corners BC Fixed issue where Project Options dialogue had a long delay when opening project with variants in AD Fixed bug that caused an error to occur while refreshing a library when components have a parameter with a reserved name. Fixed “where-used” functionality to restore the ability to multi-select the where-used Items to perform a global edit.

Fixed bug where “List index out of bounds -1 ” error appeared after editing primitives in a net. Changed routing, so the Diff Pair Gap rule is not applied to the via-track for the complements.

Standard via-track rule is used. Added check for shelved or modified polygons during DRC even if the rule is disabled before checking all other rules. A warning is displayed if this rule has any violations. Fixed bug where the selection of a Custom Item was not possible in the Sources section of the Project Releaser.


Public Release Notes for Altium Designer | Altium Designer 21 User Manual | Documentation

Jun 22,  · Release Notes for Altium Designer. Using Altium Documentation. Modified by Susan Riege on Jun 24, The following sections list the release notes for publicly released versions of Altium Designer For a summary of new features and subsequent improvements in Altium Designer 21, see New in Altium Designer. Feb 28,  · Release Notes for Altium Designer. Using Altium Documentation. Modified by Jun Chu on Dec 15, The following sections list the release notes for publically released versions of Altium Designer For a summary of new features and enhancements in Altium Designer , see New in Altium Designer. Sep 13,  · Complete list of Altium Designer updates. Use the following links to access release notes pertinent to each of the updates that have been released for Altium Designer 10/ Release notes for Altium Designer 12 Update 24 () Release notes for Altium Designer 12 Update 23 ().


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