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By aleosFebruary 6, in Logic Pro. I’m recording a version of Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint, and as anyone who knows Reich’s work, there is long, long section of straight eighth notes. I’ve never used the quantize audio function before, but this piece is the perfect example of where one might use dowload.

So, I have David’s book, and I’ve checked some YouTube tutorials, and Logic pro x quantise audio free download am playing, not totally detached, but relatively strong individual attacks on each eighth note. Logic pro x quantise audio free download a pretty capable guitar player, my rhthym is good, so I’m not far of the grid.

But when I quantize the audio, I get a ton of ‘clicks’. Which renders the track totally unusable. I’ve tried both rhythmic and slicing algorithms, neither solve the problem. I’m on the latest version of logic, and OS sierra, and I know there are quite a few bugs. I’ve ran into some myself. Maybe I’m wondering, is this a bug too? Or is there a way I can adjust a parameter like sensitivity, or some other means of removing the clicks and pops?

Happy to share a snapshot of the wave qantise if that would help anyone deduce the problem. I feel like straight eigths is the most basic of audio quantize functions, and I must be missing something. Because if the feature can’t do перейти, then it surely can’t tackle any more serious tasks. EDIT: sorry, one other thing. Logic pro x quantise audio free download the audio file editor, with flex time is not detecting all the logic pro x quantise audio free download.

A little strange because I am playing at essentially the exact same velocity for measures. I must admit that I think there is a really easy answer auantise this, but for some reason my brain is not functioning.

Sorry if this is an logic pro x quantise audio free download answer. Normally Logic is pretty good at it but you may need to add or remove some. To add a bunch of them, enable transient editing mode in the Audio File editor not the Audio Track editor you show отличный, acronis true image 2017 licence key free download когда your screenshot and use the plus sign to add more transient markers.

Mac mini 3. It took a few steps, but I figured out the pdo. I followed your instructions, and in the audio file editor turned on transient editing, but it still didn’t pick up everything. Even though the transients are quite clear logic pro x quantise audio free download in the picture below. I then thought maybe logic need more signal to detect, so I normalized the file and bam, every transient was marked.

But how can I avoid the clicks and pops that seem to be happening? I would logic pro x quantise audio free download it with a complex audio file, but my files are one note played on a guitar, with a strong pick-based attack. As the screenshot shows. It seems a little strange. I’ve used flex time, manually, in much more extreme ways, and never got clicks or auvio.

Now using it this way, which really only nudging the transients by a minuscule amount, I get clicks and pops. Hmm, a bit drastic quarkxpress 8 compatibility free have to normalize your file just to get Logic to detect all transients, no?

You can also add missing transient markers manually using the pencil tool. Usually audoo and pops occur when you start flexing audio while having transient markers where you shouldn’t.

So if you already took care of your transient markers you shouldn’t be getting any clicks and pops. Yes, I thought so too. And in fact, the normalizing didn’t solve anything in the end, it was just one file that worked out like that.

Anyways, normalization aside, I really can’t figure out what is happening with these pops and clicks. I wish I could provide some sort of demo to show you what I mean. The transients are clear and pronounced, the markers are on point, It is the same straight with notes played for 5 minutes, and the amount of ‘flexing’ is minimal, as I’ve played it fairly well in time throughout. What do you mean, “having transient markers where I shouldn’t”? You mean in the middle of an audio event or after the transient I presume.

Yeah, I thought I’ve been ultra-meticulous at this, maybe I need too zoom in even more. But it seems strange, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve used flex time many times dwonload, and in more extreme situations, and no pops eownload clicks.

Now I’m nudging things by the smallest of ticks, and it is not working. What do you logic pro x quantise audio free download microsoft office professional pro 2013 serial key free download the best flex time setting setting for even, straight, eighth notes? Not chords, just one note. My apologies to the forum members for all the posts on my problem.

Trying to figure it out, and being a bit obsessive about. Jordi, thanks for your help, I thought I had solved the problem, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m really at a loss dree. I can’t understand where the frequent pops and clicks are wudio from. This is troubling. I wish I could provide a demo. It is such a simple musical passage, one note repeated at bpm, as 8th notes. The wave form shown in my previous post, does anything look suspicious there? Could this be a bug?

Audoi love to know if any one else is seeing any problems in this area of Logic. Pr the screen grab below:. Hey Jordi thanks so much for your time on this. I’ve uploaded 2 small audio files onto my google drive. If you find the time, see what happens when you quantize with 8th note setting. I’ve included the original, purposely played a tiny, tiny bit out of time, and the version where I’ve applied the quantize setting in the region inspector to 8th note. You can clearly hear the clicks. This isn’t even the worst example of it.

Some of the other files on the pice I’m working on, where drastically more poppy and clicky. Also, in the audio file editor window, I’ve provided a screenshot below, showing how I can not add more transients, when clearly there are more visible, and obvious places that Logic should add markers. Am I missing something, or is this just simply how it is?

Mac mini 2. Thanks Eric for your reply and help. Actually the screenshot I took was my wondering why the ‘plus’ button wasn’t allowing me to add more transients. It is greyed out and unresponsive when there are, at least visually more places where the transients could be placed.

However the main issue, is when I set audio quantize to 8th note in the region inspector, I get pops and clicks, even when the audio file is a clearly articulated single note line. I provided two small audio files in my post above. Feel free to check them out if you want to kill a couple of minutes. I детальнее на этой странице the bottom line is, I’m wondering if I have a bug in Logic. If it is just the case that I have to individually adjust each transient, then I guess thats the way it is.

The piece I’m working on is Electric Counterpoint by steve reich, and it is 13 guitars and two bass guitars, of essentially, pumping 8th notes.

For minutes. So, to say the least, audio quantize would come in handy here. Only took a couple of minutes. Jordi, would it be possible for you to put in quick point form, the steps you took to achieve that? I mean, I am fully competent in all the various aspects of my goal, but I feel I am doing something in the wrong order, or I’m missing some small little detail.

This is ok, but a piece of this size, and repetitiveness, I would hope not to be zooming and penciling, for time saving sake. As I’ve just typed this reply, it has arisen in qantise mind, that I am not quite as knowledgeable as I presumed.

What is the difference of purpose, between the transient markers added in the audio file editor window, and the flex markers when flex time is engaged? Are they interactive with respect to each other? Because when I add a quanfise marker in the audio file window, it is not present in flex time.

I must admit, the music I have spent my time working on in logic over the years, has never logic pro x quantise audio free download me to use audio quantize. So, forgive me, as a long time logic pro x quantise audio free download user, I actually am a total newbie using audio quantize.

Eric, what you are saying is that, essentially, if I were to really want to dial in an extremely quantized track s I would have to go through them and do adjustments and double check each transient. Of course I would use my ears, but basically a lot of clicking zooming and adjusting? Look at this. How can the transient ‘plus’ button be greyed out? Thanks Jakob, yeah that’s how I first started.

Because I’ve used flex time a little, I thought I’d just try to approach it down,oad way. And I saw a youtube tutorial that demonstrated it this way.



Logic pro x quantise audio free download


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