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Available as a separate download. Digitally signing of custom program files Starting with AutoCAD based products on Windows, it is recommended to digitally sign your custom program files. You can find the usage instructions by entering AcSigntool. Disk Space Installation 6. NET Framework. NET Framework Version 4. Still missing. Still missing Still missing. Wish list for the next time. Existing bugs. Existing bugs Existing bugs, defects, feature limitation or other issues.

AutoCAD product key is H1. Readme Readme Available online here. This means that if you package drawings and other files that have names that include extended text font characters, the names will not display correctly if you use ZIP utilities that do not support UTF-8 format ZIP files.

Use ZIP utilities such as 7-Zip to correctly display and extract these files. Autodesk Sync Before you reopen a file that you have saved and closed in Autodesk , allow additional time for the automatic sync feature to set the new path for linked files such as xrefs. If the repathing process is not complete, the drawing file will be locked when you open it, and you might get an error. Design Feed The Design Feed palette might not update immediately after you save a drawing in Autodesk To accelerate the save operation, right-click the Autodesk icon on the Windows taskbar, and select Sync Now.

Script files and Lisp routines, that previously used to clear all osnaps, now need to use 0 instead. Bit-codes that include will enable the GCEN osnap. Point Clouds and Coordination Models cannot be displayed in a 2D wireframe visual style or when hardware acceleration is turned off. Point Clouds cannot be viewed in a Windows remote desktop session. Rendering and Model Documentation are computation-intensive features, and it is highly recommended that you work with these on bit operating systems.

Product Help Product Help is available online and is not installed with the product by default. If you do not have continuous internet access and want to install Help locally with the product, you can start the Help installation at the end of the product installation.

Alternatively, you can download offline Help from the product Help menu any time that you have an internet connection.

Cascading Sequences. Links Links. New and Updated Command. DIM Creates multiple types of dimensions within a single command session. Instead, save or copy the drawing files that you want to upload to your A account directly to your local A Drive folder. PLOT Plots a drawing to a plotter, printer, or file. Controls image-based lighting and photographic exposure for a rendered image. New options for modifying an existing revision cloud and creating rectangular and polygonal revision cloud have been added.

Rectangular is the new default revision cloud creation method. A new type of section object, slice, has been added. VIEW Saves and restores named model space views, layout views, and preset views.

Removed or Obsolete Commands. Replaced by the Start tab. Automatic saving to your A Drive has been removed. New and Updated System Variables. Time to upgrade or request a free fully functional trial. Your network license assessment companion. Batch create and update text and attributes or insert blocks on hundreds of drawings automatically. Highlight edited dimensions for AutoCAD.

Windows display adapter capable of x with True Color capabilities. Closes all other open drawings, except the current active drawing. Provides a separate command to add a digital signature to a drawing.

Switches from the current active drawing to the Start tab. Draws a centerline for a cylindrical segment of a point cloud. Marks the point of the intersection between three detected planes in a point cloud. Infers the edge between two planes and draws a line to mark the edge. Generates 2D geometry from a point cloud that contains section objects.

Controls saving, restoring, and deleting point cloud crop states. Displays the Render window. Executes a sequence of commands the same as the SCRIPT command, with the additional capability of also executing nested scripts. Rotates the view in 3D space, but constrained to horizontal and vertical orbit only.

Saves an animation of a camera moving or panning in a 3D model. Defines the type, color, effects and position of the background for a named view. Creates multiple types of dimensions within a single command session. Creates a free spotlight which is a spotlight without a specified target. Creates a free web light which is a web light without a specified target. Controls the page layout, plotting device, paper size, and other settings for each new layout.

Creates a point light that radiates light in all directions from its location. Creates a photorealistic or realistically shaded image of a 3D solid or surface model. Displays the Render Presets Manager palette and manages the render presets of a drawing. Displays the Render window without starting a rendering operation. Creates a revision cloud. Creates a section object that acts as a cutting plane through 3D objects and point clouds.

Revises and adds security controls. Creates a spotlight that emits a directional cone of light. Sets the origin and orientation of the current user coordinate system UCS. Creates a precise 3D representation of the light intensity distribution of a light source. Saves and restores named model space views, layout views, and preset views. Creates multiple viewports in model space or in a layout paper space.

Accesses Dimensioning mode commands. Obsolete but still included in the product to maintain legacy script compatibility. Displays a New Tab which provides access to files, learning resources, A and more. Indicates whether copies of your drawings and linked files are uploaded automatically to Autodesk A Controls the amount of black blended on all attached coordination models.

Controls the amount of dimming through transparency for all attached coordination models. Specifies a default layer for new dimensions.

Sets the object selection target height, in pixels within the DIM command. Controls the display of ruler when editing a dimension text. Specifies the exposure value to apply during rendering.

Specifies the Kelvin color temperature white balance value to apply during rendering. Controls the type of preview in the ribbon drop-down galleries. Enables image-based lighting and specifies the current image map. Controls whether searching for executable files includes the current and drawing folders. Controls whether line displays are faded when hardware acceleration is on and you have exceeded the line density limits. To download a previous version of Autodesk software.

You don’t have to uninstall the current version to download and install a previous version. Product versions up to three years back. Sign in to Autodesk Account at manage.

Under All Products and Services, find your product. In the product tile, click the current version and select a previous version. Download your product. Product versions four to five years back. Your Serial Number is the same for all versions of a standalone or multi-user subscription. Find your product key for older versions at Look up product keys. See also. Previous version rights Available previous versions Install your product.

Company overview. Investor relations. Diversity and belonging. Autodesk Foundation. Contact us. Students and educators.

Affiliate program. Autodesk Research. How to buy. View all products. Buying with Autodesk. Renewal options. Find a reseller. Sales and refunds. Choose your subscription plan.


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